New Directions of Central Florida

For the friends and family of a loved one trapped in the unwanted grip of drug or alcohol addiction and dependency, the prospect of recovery or even the hope of improvement , often seems far out of reach.

Addiction manifest itself in countless forms with innumerable side effects and often seems like there is nothing that can be done to help the addict or his loved ones and family. The cost of addiction can be physical, emotional, spiritual and of course financial.

There Is Hope!

NEW DIRECTIONS and PERSPECTIVES II offers a cost effective, comprehensive, medical, therapeutic and clinical approach to winning the war on addiction. RECOVERY is a family success story and we take pride in our efforts to help unify the family and walk with them on the path toward freedom from drug and alcohol dependency and codependency.



our programs

  • Medical Treatments

    Medications can be used to help reestablish normal brain function and to prevent relapse and diminish cravings. 

  • 12 Step Orientation

    12 step programs provide simple tools for living based on a set of spiritual principles and a reliance on the fellowship of men and women who share their experience and offer support as part of a lifelong process of recovery.
  • (IOP)Intensive Outpatient Program

    The typical IOP program offers group and individual services of 10–12 hours a week. IOP allows the individual to be able to participate in their daily affairs, such as work, and then participate in treatment at an appropriate facility in the morning or at the end of the day

  • Sober Living Facility

    New Directions Sober Living Facility offers  

    • Safe and structured recovery residence.
    • Medical Stabilization for Alcohol and opiates
    • Intensive Outpatient Therapy
    • Transportation
    • Aftercare
  • Group & Individual Therapy

    The individual format encourages patients to explore their difficulties in-depth across multiple sessions in a way that is not possible in group format psychotherapy.

  • Family Programs

    Family involvement is important, and iNew Directions encourage interaction with family and friends.